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Amplify Memphis

Eleven students, one van, fifteen days, and twenty-nine purposeful visits around the city! St. George’s Amplify Memphis summer course for high school students seeks to help our students see the opportunities, the challenges, and to write their own stories in this unique and dynamic city of Memphis!

Our students will be posting reflections, photos, and videos from our travels and visits on this blog, each one serving as a guest blogger for a night. We’re excited about our launch on Monday! Check out our blog daily for insights, stories, pics, and videos of our travels.

Essential Questions:

  1. Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.10.06 AMHow have historical events led to prosperity and hardships for Memphians? What are the relationships between prosperity and hardships in Memphis?
  2. How have diverse communities in Memphis been united and how have they been divided?
  3. Why has the region developed in the way that it has?
  4. How are community partnerships mitigating hardships that exist in Memphis and working to build greater prosperity in the areas of food security, access to health care, education, job creation, community safety, and environmental sustainability?
  5. What could Memphis become and what role will you play in its future?

Visit Schedule: 

June 6 – Wolf River Conservancy (WRC), City Leadership, and the Cotton Museum

June 7 – Elmwood Cemetery, Crosstown Concourse

June 8 – Shelby Farms, South Main, Downtown Tour with Jimmy Ogle

June 9 – FedEx Cold Chain Center and Global Operations Center

June 10 – STAX Records, Soulsville Charter, and Overton Park

June 13 – National Civil Rights Museum, St. Jude Children’s Hospital

June 14 – Memphis Inter-Faith Association (MIFA), Mid-South Food Bank

June 15 – Church Health Center, Presidents Island

June 16 – Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR), Memphis Athletic Ministries

June 17 – Shelby Farms, Broad Avenue Arts District, Binghampton Development Corporation

June 20 – MIFA project day

June 21 – MTR project day

June 22 – WRC project day

June 23 – Lipscomb-Pitts Breakfast Club

June 24 – Rhodes College, project presentations at the SGIS/Serve901 Bunkhouse

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